Ever had those days when you think life gets to you? For instance, you got locked out of your car because you left your keys inside? Uh-oh! Not a very pretty scenario. Hang in there! We at Lift N Roll are here to keep you out of your dilemma. Our experienced locksmiths have the commendable training and certification programs. Our professional employees use hand tools and machines to open your locked car without creating any damages, not to mention, they can unlock your car in a few minutes! Since nowadays that cars are key less, what our experts can do to your car is to reprogram. Again, without doing any damages to your car, they will use a key analyzer or use such a VATS passkey decoder to unlock the programming of the vehicle and the electric resistance of it which will then allow them to use a mechanical code key cutter to make a precise key.

Now what happens if your key gets stuck inside the car lock? Fear not! Because our locksmiths will then utilize the broken key extractor. This will then help them safely extract the key that has been stuck in the car lock. These are designed to pull the key out without having to remove the lock off the car. The tool comes in different sizes and shapes which of course have their individual size of barb wires. This will then aid them to pull the key off of the lock with such gentle movements in no time. 

There is also a tool called Slim-Jim which will is then used widely by most auto locksmiths as an immediate tool when unlocking cars. How this works is then insert this in between the glass and weather stripping so they can unlock it without the key successfully. 

Whatever your unlocking needs may be, we at Lift N Roll Towing can provide you with the most excellent services in the market! We are here for you. 

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