This is for safe delivery for your planned destination. From Point A to B, if your stranded on the road, call our Flatbed Towing Services.

The key for safe transportation is through flatbed towing that is versatile that can cover cars, classic cars, trucks, SUVs, among others light and heavy vehicles, we got it covered.

Our flat bed trucks are designed to effortlessly provide the car to exercise its own power to maneuver onto the bed. ​

Flatbed Towing Service:
You are driving on the highway and then you notice a car tailgating you. You try to move over to the next lane but next thing you know is that the car behind you had rear-ended you. Now your car is wrecked and not derivable anymore. This is where Lift N Roll Towing comes in. We tow your car using our flatbed truck which will then enable your car to piggy back on our truck without causing extra damage to yours. Flatbed towing is one of the safest ways to tow a vehicle. Why so? Because the flatbed truck’s platform is designed to roll over at an angle to enable any vehicle to easily roll over onto the bed. Flatbed towing enables the car to be lifted off the ground, while avoiding any damages that the car might incur during the towing process. The last thing we want happening to our car is have it damaged even further when it already is. The flatbed truck makes it possible to carry more than one vehicle should the circumstances require.  

So how does flatbed towing work?
Flatbed trailers usually have four wheels. 4 wheels in order to accommodate an vehicle at its highest efficiency. Loading the car on to the truck is relatively easy. The driver would just have to drive toward and on the platform carefully. The car that needs to be towed will then be situated in the middle of the platform, also known as the bed of the truck. The car will then be locked to the bed by means of secure locks that hold the wheel and keep it in good position for the whole entire travelling time. This is to avoid swaying or unsafe moves during the process. We are the experts in car towing. 

What vehicles can be flatbed towed?
Normal sized cars
SUVs and all-wheel drive customers.

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