When you are in the middle of nowhere, and face troubles with dead batteries and jump starting your car you can easily contact us through the following contact number: (647) 691- 0934

However, once the vehicle shut down after the start up, you can also avail our towing services, another charge however you can discuss our personnel regarding the service and price. ​

​No matter where are you going, our on-the-spot jump start services will be the lifesaver for you when your car’s battery gets dead instantly. Suppose you are going on a long road trip where there is no service station nearby. In the middle of the journey, you accidentally face the dead battery issue. What will you do in that case when you will have nothing nearby? These types of situations are always panic for the people and turn their joy into disappointment. If you ever suffer from any of these situations, just remember that you are not alone, but we are with you!
On just a single call from you, our professionals will rush to your current location to help you in that odd time. Our team members have all the necessary equipment with them for jump-starting and settling the related issues. Within no time, they will be at your location and instantly start checking the issues. Through their exceptional skills and expertise, our professionals will immediately resolve your car issues without wasting your precious time. Our immediate assistance will enable you to get back to the road and start enjoying your journey. 
The best thing about our services is that we are here for you as many times as you need. You will be able to get our fastest and efficient jump start services every time you call us. Furthermore, there will be no hidden charges and additional costs to avail of our services. Our customers are our assets and we assure you to provide the best services to them in the most desirable way to make them happy and satisfied.  
Thus, whenever your battery is down or needs a jump start, simply call us without any hesitation. We will approach you as soon as possible to jump-start your vehicle or to provide any of the services we offer.

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